I am an early career researcher specializing in medieval Scandinavian literature and manuscripts. I also have a strong background in interdisciplinary medieval studies including pan-European literature and material culture. From 2016–2019 I was based at the Arnamagnæan Institute at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

My research interests centre on

  1. the movement of medieval and early modern texts and genres and the transnational aspects of Old Norse literature; and
  2. the different representations of women, men, gender, and race in medieval Icelandic romance (“original”/untranslated riddarasögur).

I also have an active interest in scholarly editing, including digital editing.

In 2018 I completed an EU-funded research project on 17th-century Icelandic manuscript production and scribal culture as seen through the manuscripts commissioned by the Icelander Magnús Jónsson í Vigur (1637–1702). The project was funded by the European Commission through a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (under the Horizon 2020 framework) and several publications resulting from this work are now forthcoming and in preparation. A more detailed description of the project is on my project website: icelandicscribesproject.com.

9789089647955My recent publications include my first monograph Popular Romance in Iceland (Amsterdam University Press, 2016), a chapter in volume 4 of the series Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Book Culture (Leiden University Press, 2018), and a co-edited edition of Ambrósíus saga og Rósamunda in volume 16 of the journal Opuscula (2018).

All images used on this site are either my own or from digital repositories; I have endeavoured to credit all sources fully and accurately.